Xenoblade Chronicles New Game Plus mode delayed

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 hit the Nintendo Switch late last year to huge critical acclaim and a positive fan reception. Despite being well received, one of the more common criticisms came from the lack of any kind of New Game Plus mode. Luckily for fans, Monolith Soft announced that New Game Plus would come through a patch but just recently it has been delayed.

The new expected date for patch 1.3.0 is March 2nd. The news came from the official twitter account for the game and it gives the reason for the sudden delay. According to the tweet (which is in Japanese), a bug was discovered that prompted the decision to push the eagerly awaited patch back by two weeks. While no details are given on the nature of the bug, it must have been serious enough to require a delay. The patch was initially set to release last week until the delay was announced on Thursday.

The New Game plus mode has been detailed for some time and considering what is being offered, it is no surprise that fans are eager to drop back in.  The team at Monolith Soft have noted that they are putting the fun factor first in designing the mode. The entire patch log can be found here on the official Nintendo page.

Some of the most notable additions include new Blades which will be unlocked for use in battle. Some of the new blades are considered spoilers and gaining them early can cause some storyline issues. This is where the “fun” aspect takes place in terms of gameplay being the focus of a second playthrough. Of course, there are finer details but the New Game Plus is really shaping up to draw players back in. The patch includes nice bonuses for those who have yet to venture into the world with the patch adding some extras for a first playthrough. The most prominent is the inclusion of an ‘Easy Difficulty’ mode.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2‘s patch 1.3.0 is finally coming on March 2nd to give fans another reason to sink dozens of hours in the game once again. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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