Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2 blasting its way onto the Switch

It’s the 30th Anniversary of Mega Man and he is ready to make a comeback. According to a tweet from the official Mega Man Twitter account, you can expect to see the robotic man on the Switch as early as May 22 (at least in North America) in two classic collections.

The original Mega Man Legacy Collection will include six of the 8-bit classics, now with a few new modes available, including challenge, sound and museum modes. To add to these rather oddly named features, the ability to create save states is part of the new package. Also, an interesting ‘rewind’ feature will allow you to easily retry those particularly difficult sections. You know the sections: two pixel-perfect jumps across moving platforms while dodging enemies and bright white balls of energy which usually lead to your untimely… death… or rather explosion into several glowing blue orbs? Well, now you can keep trying until you ace it. The Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will include the smoother graphical power of the 16 and 32-bit generations of the game, with Mega Man 7 through 10. It seems the collection will also come with a lot more than just the 10 games. According to

 Mega Man Legacy Collection includes a giant gallery of concept sketches, box art (including the infamous original Mega Man box art), production art, songs from each game, and a collection of challenges that will put even the most dedicated fan of the Blue Bomber to the test.  If you have a regular or golden Mega Man amiibo, you’ll also gain access to 11 additional fan-made challenges… Both Mega Man 9 and 10 include all previously released DLC, giving you access to time attacks, bonus stages, and more. Already packed with a selection of art, music, and unique challenges for each game, using any Mega Man amiibo with Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 unlocks new challenges to put your platforming skills to the test.

South African prices and dates have so far not been confirmed, however, in the US Switch owners will be able to get the Mega Man Legacy Collection for $14.99 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for $19.99, or buy both and certain retails stores for $39.99. Interestingly, the Mega Man Legacy Collection will be available as a game card whereas Collection 2 will be included as a digital download, which is sure to upset some collectors out there.

So with 10 games, quite a few extras and even amiibo functionality included, is there enough to tempt you back into the classic Mega Man universe once it makes its appearance on the Switch here in SA? Let us know in the comments section below…

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