Pit People’s final release is seeing the light of day

The Behemoth is one of those classic indie developer superstars. It managed to get in on the ground floor with the sudden rise of the wonderfully quirky and ultimately super fun Castle Crashers. The art style, the humour and the great gameplay really cemented it as one of the indie developers that really get what the meaning of “fun” is. When announcing its new title, Pit People, people were obviously quite excited, but the game was in Early Access where it stayed since January of 2017. That’s quite a while in the incubator, but finally, a year later, the final version of the game is coming and sooner than you think.

Announced in a teaser trailer that you can watch below, the game is slated for a release on March 2nd, which is just a stone throw away. If you’re unfamiliar with Pit People, it’s a quirky strategy game filled with all kinds of immature jokes and RPG-like mechanics. The humour is on point, it’s absolutely ridiculous and you probably need to play it.

I’m a huge fan of The Behemoth’s titles since they encompass the pure essence of gaming inside a very enjoyable and funny package. Battleblock Theater was a hoot and playing Castle Crashers is the best possible gaming icebreaker out there. Pit People was an ambitious project by the developers, but even in the early builds, the game was very well received and adored. A bunch of time has passed since those initial impressions though, so the full release needs a bit of exposure to really get out there.

Pit People will be available on both Steam and Xbox One on March 2nd.

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