Art from the Odyssey – A warm wander through Tostarena

With the release of the free Luigi’s Balloon World DLC for Super Mario Odyssey yesterday, I had a good reason to go back to one of my favourite games of all time. In his trademark red and blue overalls, the moustachioed Mario is seen by many as the mascot of early video games and for me,  he is tied up in and even the reason for some of my fondest childhood memories. I generally engage with any Mario story, even though not all Mario games work for me. Playing Super Mario Odyssey again, however, I was reminded that this game really is one heck of a fun adventure.  From the pre-historic Cascade Kingdom to the Big-Apple-like modern Metro Kingdom and all the wonderful warm, cold and crazy places in between, you are taken on a wonderful adventure across colourful and beautifully illustrated new worlds. It somehow brings us Mario as we have never seen him before, and exactly as we have always remembered him.

Not sure if you have noticed, but I am a bit of a Mario nerd, and clearly a Super Mario Odyssey fan. But, c’mon, I really do think this game has a lot to love. Every time I arrived in a new place it immediately struck me how it had its own interesting personality; a special creative art style unique to that kingdom. And so, I was super excited that recently Nintendo began revealing a series of concept art pieces via their various Twitter accounts (@SuperMario_UK, @mario_odysseyJP, @NintendoAmerica,@Nintendo Europe). These remind us of the fantastic behind-the-scenes work that goes into Nintendo games and reveals a little about the artistic talent that lies in the background of the games we love. It tells me again and again that making a beautiful game really is an art form. Giving these artists (despite not knowing their names) and their work exposure shows the appreciation we have and is something we should want to do. So without further ado lets have a look at some of the first of pieces of art Nintendo released and take a trip to Tostarena. Tostarena is in the Sand Kingdom; a wonderful place heavily inspired by Mexican culture and aesthetics, and featuring traditional Mexican architecture. The warm browns, reds and yellows of the hot sand and sun of the world are beautifully contrasted by the bright greens, blues and pinks of the people and decor. Take a tour through sunny Tostarena below…

Nintendo Nerd, sharing my love of Mario with the world one pixel at a time.

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