MMORPG Tera getting an open beta on console in March

The MMORPG genre has traditionally been a PC exclusive affair. There has been a few attempts at console iterations, but the very nature of how most of the games play have been it a bit tricky. One of these games, called Tera, might be able to make a better transition to the console space, and we’re getting a chance to test it out on 9 March in an Open Beta.

Tera is described as an Action MMORPG, which uses real-time combat systems that can be a lot more accessible using controllers. It’s been out on PC for quite some time already, and looking at the gameplay, it does seem like it might be something that console players can consume a bit easier due to the more familiar, third-person camera.

The Open Beta will run from 9 – 12 March, so if you think you might be interested in the game, you can give it a try. There is no set release date for the console version of the game though, but we can assume it won’t be too far off if beta tests are being done.

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