Final Fantasy XV has DLC planned all the way into 2019

Square Enix has a lot more planned for Final Fantasy XV. A whole lot more. If you want to explore more of the world of good hair, smooth roads and great friendships, then this ride isn’t over for a good while.

In an interview with Famitsu Magazine, developers Hajime Tabata and Takefumi Terada revealed that there are four more character-focused DLC packs heading our way, more than the initial planned three to launch after the PC version.

The first DLC will put us in the shoes of the dramatic, enigmatic evil that is Ardyn Izunia. After this, who knows where we will go. But if they stay with the character-focussed packs and go for new characters, we are running out of characters that we want to see the story of. Maybe Aranea Highwind will get some time to shine? Or perhaps we will learn more of Princess Lunafreya, or Gladiolus’ sister Iris? There is a lot left to explore in the world of Final Fantasy XV, and that is without even delving into the “what if” style scenarios that made up half of Ignis’ DLC. (Poor Ignis, he deserved better.)

Oh great, now I am just thinking about everything that my boy Iggy had to go through.

Source: Videogamer

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