Chrono Trigger releases on Steam (or at least the mobile version did)

While there are beloved games within this industry, there are very few that earnestly get called one of the greatest games ever made. Chrono Trigger is an example where any conversation of the game will bring up at least a few posters considering it among the top echelon of the medium. So when Chrono Trigger suddenly appeared on Steam yesterday, many were overjoyed – then they saw it was a port of the mobile version.

Chrono Trigger released on the Steam marketplace unannounced. The Square classic comes in at R199 with some bonus content for all purchases within a limited time This content includes some wallpapers and a select few songs from the soundtracks. Once the news was shared, the reaction was one of joy from a fanbase willing to give the game another playthrough.

However, if you click on the store page you might notice the red text in the review section reading: ‘Mostly Negative‘. The reason for this is because Square Enix decided to release the loathed mobile version. Once fans discovered it was just a port of the mobile version (and a sloppy one at that), they took to the review section to vent their frustration.

There are a lot of issues with the mobile version being ported over but the most glaring is the horrible implementation of the mushy filter accompanied by tiling issues. The text and text boxes also look like little has been done to make them flow with the rest of the game. Even the overworld still has the touch control prompts placed prominently on the screen. This is not a good look.

Many fans are now waiting on modders to fix the issue like they have done with so many classic Square Enix PC/mobile ports. Chrono Trigger is not the first game from the Square Enix library to get a mobile port for a Steam release. Notoriously Final Fantasy VI (another greatest of all time contender) had the abysmal looking mobile version released to PC which mods tried to clean up. Even then, next to nobody recommends this version.

For many this was a big slap in the face. Fans would throw money at the screen for a SNES or even DS port of  Chrono Trigger to the PC. Square Enix choosing the mobile version was likely for convenience, which is a shame. While Square has done incredible work with some of their remasters, seemingly anything to do with the 16-bit era never gets the same care. It is likely this version will never get an update so if you are looking for Chrono Trigger, try find the DS version or hope the Switch’s virtual console will arrive soon.

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