Get your bundle of terror, Outlast is now on the Switch

When I saw this story, all I could think about is how this is an absolutely terrible idea. Not because Outlast is a bad game, it’s actually one of the best horror game experiences yet, but if someone doesn’t play this in docked mode, we might be looking at a bunch of broken Nintendo Switches in the near future. Yes, Outlast had a little surprise release on the Switch recently and developer Red Barrels didn’t tell anyone, the sneaky scamps.

The game is actually called Outlast: Bundle of Terror which sounds a little like a baby that also pukes luminous green sludge. It includes the original Outlast as well as the Whistleblower DLC which is definitely worth your playthrough. The maligned but still engaging Outlast II is also coming later on and you can pre-order it as well. The game’s visuals look like they didn’t take much of a hit and the developers confirmed that the game runs at 1008p and 30 fps in docked mode. And no, that wasn’t an unfortunate typo, it’s actually 1008p as confirmed by the developers:

Outlast is one of my favourite horror games ever as Red Barrels really nailed the scary and disturbing formula with its massively unsettling asylum setting. I’ve never jumped so much in a horror game neither and the fact that you have literally nothing but a camera and your legs really upped the tension to new levels. To see the game on the Switch is fantastic and it’s impressive how they managed to cram such a visually dense game into such a small package.

Just remember, if you play it in handheld mode, just be sure you have a bed surrounding you or something soft in addition to the adult nappies.

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