Kirby Star Allies demo rolls into view

Hey all you oddball Kirby fans… If you own a Switch, and can’t wait for the official March 16th release date – do we have good news for you! If you roll on down to your local Nintendo eShop and circle a few times you may find that the Kirby Star Allies Demo is now available for download. So not only is this great news for you, but if you haven’t already noticed it also means I get to try throw in as many ball, circle and generally round-related puns into this news piece as I can manage.

So let me loop you in… What we know so far is that Dreamland is in trouble. Dark hearts have fallen out of orbit and landed all over the place, turning everyone into the worst of the worst. Everyone except the oddly hungry pink ball of weirdly wonderful that is Kirby. Kirby now has to join forces with up to four friends and using his trademark pregnant-woman-Lamaze-like breathing technique. You will inhale objects and exhale them back at things in your way, as well as make use of the revolutionary copy abilities. So you’ll be bouncing your way back to peace in Dreamland in no time. Sound like something you could get your head around? Well, ring-a-ding-ding, download it now and be sure to search the globe for friends that are ready to take on this challenge with you. We are sure that with you protecting Dreamland’s perimeter, we have nothing to worry about. It will be totally radial… err, radical!

Ok, I think that’s enough now. Apologies, I realise a lot of those were wildly contrived and made very little sense, and I’m pretty sure I stole the last one from an episode of the late 80s/early 90s sitcom Full House. Sheesh. Well, ok one more… Did I mention the demo is available right now?! C’mon the pink ball is in your court! Ok, that’s it, I’m leaving.

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