Monster Hunter World is surprisingly Capcom’s best-selling game ever

Capcom has an immensely wide repertoire of games since they’ve been around forever and have amassed a staggering amount of IPs that they have made continuous sequels of since the days of their inception. The number of games is so huge that if you go to Wikipedia for the list, they had to be divided into alphabetical categories. Much beloved franchises such as Resident EvilMega ManStreet Fighter and so on have been in people’s hearts since the early days of gaming. So what’s the publisher’s biggest selling game ever? Monster Hunter World.

Capcom has released sales numbers for the game and it has shipped a whopping 7.5 million copies with physical and digital releases combined. This makes it Capcom’s biggest selling game of all time, which is almost shocking due to the niche nature of Monster Hunter games. However, the accessibility, really good press and the social nature of the title have catapulted it right into the mainstream. People that have never played the franchise are now suddenly hooked on this game where you flail wildly at monsters and make helmets out of their tails.

Besides just being impressive, this can also mean some interesting things in the future. Now that Monster Hunter is on top, we’ll probably see an increased commitment to the franchise than we’ve ever seen before, which is quite welcome because more people need to pay attention to this wonderful game and franchise. What’s more impressive is that the sales figures are by no means stopping. This is just five weeks after release and once the sales for this game happen, it’s going to skyrocket yet again. Prepare to see a lot of cute cats in the future.

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