Nintendo Switch Slim or Nintendo Switch XL Pro in 2018? Don’t count on it…

Again and again, we hear about how well the Nintendo Switch is doing. In the last month alone, we have reported on Nintendo’s share prices are through the roof and how compared to the Wii U and even the Wii, the Switch is dominating the market. According to NintendoSoup, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has expressed his desire to extend the Switch’s lifespan. So we could be seeing the Switch around for some six, seven or more years. With all that being said, and in the world in which Nintendo’s competitors have released the PS4, PS4 Slim and now the PS4 Pro, as well as the Xbox One X and S – could we be seeing The Switch going the same way? Many people seem to think so.

Looking at Nintendo’s track record of releasing slightly different versions of their popular DS handheld device, it’s not inconceivable. However, according to Paul Tassi writing for Forbes, this will not be happening in 2018. Quoting a Wall Street Journal report, Tassi explains that Nintendo is very happy with Switch’s sales, and feels that peripherals like Labo will be sufficient to boost Switch sales this year.

It all makes a lot of sense, but I can’t help but see upgrades in the Switch’s future. Something smaller which functions purely in the Switch’s current handheld mode or something with better graphical and processing power all seem possible. The only thing I think we should worry about – is what Nintendo decides to name them. I’m thinking that the Nintendo Super Switch 5DS XL Pro covers all the bases.

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