The Bloodborne community is going to help new players after PS Plus inclusion

Bloodborne is, undoubtedly, one of the best PS4 games you can possibly play. From Software’s PS4 exclusive spin-off of the Souls franchise managed to capture many people’s attention and usher in many new fans into the difficult-but-fair Souls formula. I was one of those new fans and my escapades into Yarnham had me hooked for quite a while. Now the game is heading to PlayStation Plus and with the surge of new players expected to arrive, the Bloodborne community is banding together to make it as much fun as possible for everyone.

On Reddit, an event called “Return to Yarnham” is being planned that seeks to rally veterans of the game to create new characters and participate in the game’s various online features such a co-op summons and PvP. The organiser of the event, illusorywall, had the following to say in an interview with Kotaku:

These ‘Return to…’ events seek to reinvigorate the online experience by trying to corral all the fans back to the game at the same time. There are plenty of fans who aren’t playing these games perpetually, but love to revisit them maybe a couple of times a year. By organising an event, we hope it catches the attention of these fans, and that they can experience something that could be more special than doing it at another random time on their own.

The most obvious thing to say is wow, that’s so sweet of them! But it’s also fascinating how what is perceived to be one of the most elitist and arrogant fanbases in the world has fans that are super pumped for a bunch of new players that will invigorate their beloved game. Bloodborne has been released for quite a while and barring the obsessive PvP players, the online ecosystem is relatively silent. With millions of people getting the game for free, it’s about to get some new life.

The event will be running from the 10th of March to around the 24th, but it’s not a definitive end point and players can carry on if they wish.

If you’re someone who hasn’t played it yet, this is your best chance and if you’re an old hunter, why not revisit the beloved and decrepit world for one more run? You know you want to.

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