Smash zombies with a car door in May when State of Decay 2 releases

State of Decay was a flawed but ultimately fun game that appeared in the last generation seemingly out of nowhere. It was a zombie survival game when there were admittedly a dozen at the time, but the mechanics and general cohesive survival elements made it something that you had to pay attention to. Its sequel, State of Decay 2 has been a big name for Xbox and has been shown off at multiple trade shows and considered one of the better exclusives to look out for. We have now learned that the sequel will officially launch on the 22nd of May on Xbox One and PC thanks to IGN.

The game will be a little cheaper than traditional AAA games coming in at $29.99 for the Standard Edition and $49.99 for the UItimate Edition that includes the Independence Pack and the Daybreak Pack that have yet to be detailed as well as early access to the game on the 18th of May. As mentioned, it will also be an Xbox Play Anywhere game that makes it a cross-buy between PC and Xbox One. It will also headline in Xbox’s Game Pass that has recently announced that it’ll include all of Microsoft’s major first-party exclusives.

I loved the original State of Decay even if it was very much a product of its time. I even commented that if Undead Labs were to refine this game better and implement new features, it can be the quintessential zombie survival title out there and this is their shot with the much-anticipated sequel. I’m just looking forward to driving at high speeds and slamming zombies in the face with a car door again. It was a necessary catharsis.

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