Rumour: The PS5 dev kits have already been sent out

Nobody really knows when the current console generation will meet its end. In many ways, I believe that it’s just getting started since we’re still getting remasters to this day and there have yet to be games that really push the consoles to their logical limits. However, we need to keep in mind that it has already been close to five years since the original PS4 was released and given how console generations usually operate, it might be time for the next step.

Coming from Marcus Sellars, the man responsible for reporting on Diablo III‘s Switch port and the Spyro the Dragon remaster trilogy, the PS5 is not only on its way but the dev kits have already been sent out:

Now, before we go crazy, this is but one vague tweet by one man, so the source for this is unreliable at best. But given the timeline of previous console generations, this might make sense. Keep in mind that dev kits are sent well ahead of the official console launch so that developers can get familiar with the architecture and the developmental tools. The PS4 dev kits sent were to developers in 2012, which was almost two years before it officially released.

This console generation has been different to previous ones in many ways with the inclusion of VR into the ecosystem and the mid-generation console upgrades in the form of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X. It is interesting to see how these factors may have an effect on the following generation since we already know that the new consoles need to at least be better than the premium versions in order for them to be viable. Also, the next generation consoles probably have to have backwards compatibility, otherwise there will be riots in the streets.

Take it all with a truckload of salt for now though. What would you like to see in the PS5 if it’s actually real?

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