South African-made game, Semblance, confirmed for 2018 on Mac, PC and Switch

There’s generally always some excitement ahead of a Nintendo Direct, but in this particular case we’re very excited to see one of our own launch their game on a platform where indie titles have flourished. Semblance has been developed right here in South Africa and will be deforming itself later in 2018 on Mac, PC and Switch. We have no exact date yet, but what we do have is a new trailer showing off just how unique this “playdough platformer” is going to be.

Due to its playdough platforming structure, you can shape the world and your character to overcome obstacles and it’s really starting to take… err… shape. Your blob-like hero is named Squish and is going to need your help to tackle all the world of Semblance can throw at it. In total you’ll have three worlds to master, so best you get your puzzle brain ready. It’s looking like a unique platforming experience and in terms of quality, it’s up there with the best that the rest of the world can offer. So, for a change, drop your ‘meh, made in South Africa’ mindset and watch the wonderful trailer below that the awesome guys at Nyamakop released:

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