Dedicated streamer completes the Dark Souls of marathons

I’m sure that joke has been done to death by now but what am I if I don’t pander to overused memes? Bad jokes aside, Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hob has pulled something pretty nerve-wracking and amazing off.

So as we know Dark Souls is a very demanding franchise. It takes quite a bit of game knowledge to pull off reasonable runs let alone deathless ones. Then you get a confident streamer who thinks they’re going to be able to play through the entire series without getting hit. What ensues is what looks like incredibly soul destroying experience, especially when you get hit on the last boss of the last game. The_Happy_Hob took on an incredibly demanding task, and you can see it wasn’t easy at all.

(General headphone and language warning, although it is a funny reminder of that one scene from The Office.)

And so failures come and go, but then the ‘impossible’ happened. After about a year of training, The_Happy_Hob managed to finally complete the entire Dark Souls series without taking a single hit. A triumphant moment of sheer dedication.

(Once again general warnings, but this time, less nooooooooooooo)

And with that, he becomes the first documented player to finish the entire Dark Souls series without taking a single blow from enemies. Now, of course, you may wonder why if he’s taking no hits, his health bar isn’t full. Well, for a run like this one does have to take into account necessary routing damage to make a success of it and sometimes things are scripted. I don’t think a true no-damage run isn’t possible without maybe tearing your hair out and actually breaking the game, but that doesn’t mean this run is anything less of an achievement.

I don’t think I’ve ever had the patience to even consider something like this, but the achievement is quite commendable. The entire run is linked below filled with some tense moments.

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