Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition rolls in on March 27

If you never got to play Neverwinter Nights back in 2002, or perhaps just want to revisit a BioWare classic, clear your calendar on March 27.

During a livestream on Friday, Beamdog announced that their enhanced edition of Neverwinter Nights would release this month. Neverwinter Nights signalled a move from 2D sprites in BioWare games and thanks to powerful tools, the user-created content scene erupted as players all made their stories come to life in a game.

The enhanced edition has high-resolution visuals and HD screens and will allow many to revisit Neverwinter, or a whole new generation to enjoy a game from 2002 they might have missed. Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition combines everything from the diamond edition of the game, so prepare for 100 hours of adventures.

The game even has backwards compatibility for save files. Hmm, I wonder where I stored my saves?

Source: PC GamesN

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