Dota Plus is a monthly sub that replaces the Majors Battle Pass

Valve has introduced a new way to make money off of people a monthly subscription for Dota 2. The ongoing battle pass is getting an upgrade, but that upgrade costs $3.99 a month.

The International Battle Pass will remain as is but the Majors Battle Pass is being replaced by the new subscription system. According to Valve Dota Plus “will be an ongoing, uninterrupted service filled with features that provide both progression and opportunities for improvement.” It has systems to help you improve at various heroes, earning Shards along the way that are used to unlock¬†rewards. There are also skill challenges to complete with the various heroes and a Plus Assistant gathers data on various skill brackets to help keep build recommendations up to date.

Having Dota Plus means you don’t have to pay for Battle Cup, while everyone else will have to pay $0.99. Dota Plus is available right now, for those who like the sound of working towards new rewards or just wanting to improve their game a bit.

Source: Dota 2

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