Rumour: Splinter Cell 2018 appears out of the shadows on Amazon

Ubisoft are holding their cards very close to their chest. We know that The Division 2 will be coming next year, but what about other titles fans have been pleading for? Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell look like the forgotten games of yesteryear. Well, it’s time that we help with the smoke clouds as there is a big rumour that just dropped.

Amazon Canada has just uploaded a listing for Splinter Cell 2018. If you’re quick you can catch it, as it’s still there. There is nothing else to it. There is no format, date or anything else to link it to a possible Splinter Cell announcement, but what we can confirm is that this happens quite often. It’s happened here on our very shores that BT Games or RARU upload details by accident, which is yet to be announced because the person uploading it is not in the know.

It’s nothing more than a rumour for now, but let’s hope this was a mistake that holds some truth to it. Here is the proof just in case it disappears:

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