Square Enix looking to hire core talent for Final Fantasy VII Remake

With the success of this franchise, I’m pretty sure any game developer would jump at the chance to work on the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Thanks to the studious translations done by Siliconera, here is the job listing for working with Square Enix.

“While Final Fantasy VII Remake’s programs for general functions and contents are being tested within the development team as required, the part about reproducing the original work in high-quality graphics is reaching a satisfactory standard, and we’ve come to the conclusion that in order to meet fan expectations we must increase its quality another step higher. Therefore, in addition to the current members for the Final Fantasy VII Remake development, we must establish a core group that includes level planners, battle planners, designers, engineers, and various types of jobs to tackle on the production of the big title.”

The game’s development has seen some ups and downs since the remake was announced back in 2015, with CyberConnect2, the team behind the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm games and Asura’s Wrath, churning out the bulk of the work with Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Versus XIII director, Tetsuya Nomura, as director of the project. This brought Square Enix to the realization that the only way to get the game completed for a set release date including all content, was to introduce it in an episodic format, essentially feeding us pieces of the puzzle through separate releases over the generation.

CyberConnect2 was relieved of their development duties in May 2017 following comments from Nomura that he had been unsatisfied with the work so far when asked about trailers and progress, which is why Square Enix decided to bring the work in-house. We’ve only seen concept art at a Final Fantasy art gallery since then, indicating that not a lot of progress has happened following it’s announcement. Nomura has also reportedly indicated his desire to make the remake’s Cloud dorky and closer to the original release.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Unfortunately, we’ll have to sit tight and wait for a definite release date.

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