Monsters may cry because the Devil is here for a new Monster Hunter World collaboration

Hunters get ready as Capcom has announced another collaboration but this time the Devil is in town or rather the Demon Hunter. Capcom yesterday released a trailer showing off their next collaboration for the highly successful Monster Hunter World, this time crossing over into the world of Devil May Cry. Hunters will be able to not only equip Dante’s weapons but also his outfit.

According to Capcom’s blog hunters will be able to create a new charge blade based on the combination of the Force Edge and Alastor. However, the charge blade, in this case, won’t have its shield but hunters will still be able to guard and instead of the charge blade turning into an axe, hunters will have a Force Edge turn into a massive Alastor. Unfortunately no release date has been given on the release of this new content, however the blog also teases taking on a Deviljho with these new weapons…Check out the quirky, cool and wacky trailer below.

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