Rumour: Noctis could be hitting Tekken 7 next week

Well, this comes as quite the surprise. After nothing more than a “Spring 2018” from his Tekken World Tour reveal it looks like Final Fantasy XV’s prince will finally come to claim the throne of King of the Iron Fist.

I’ll be honest, I completely forgot about the Noctis reveal for Tekken 7 but hey, looks like this will be a nice little surprise. Without much more than the reveal trailer, it’s hard to stay interested in the idea. It looks like Bandai Namco wanted to go for a bit of a stealth release, but the news might have leaked. According to an industry source, Noctis will release on the 20th of March, Kotaku UK has revealed. That’s a pretty quick release for something that seemed to have been mentioned and swiftly forgotten about. I’m not complaining that they’ve chosen to go this route, but it’s a little odd that they’ve decided against building up any hype for this release.

Hopefully, this hasn’t been influenced by fan backlash from the original reveal. While Noctis isn’t an awful character, he’s potentially not the greatest fit for the Tekken universe. Using his swords the way he does, he would have probably been a better fit for something like Soul Calibur but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t necessarily be in Tekken. In any case, if you need reminding below is his reveal trailer.

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