Satisfactory teaser tells us almost nothing, but look at that cute lizard

Sometimes capturing the imagination is better than showing actual gameplay if you want to catch someone’s curiosity. Well Coffee Stain Studios, consider me hooked on whatever you have going on in this reveal of Satisfactory.

Coffee Stain made Goat Simulator and Sanctum, an FPS/tower defence crossover and this trailer doesn’t really tell us much. Or it does, but we can’t be sure. We see a lizard creature having a snack while watching some activity. Something off camera that could be welding and a large vehicle moving past causes the little guy to sneeze. Look how cute he is. I want one. Are they building a factory? Changing this planet into a place of industry or a new home?

We have no clue, but there is an alpha sign up, to sign-up to play a game that you don’t even know what type of game it is.

Fine I signed up.

Source: PC Gamer

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