Dark Souls being immortalised in history by data capturer

There is no doubt that Dark Souls is still a very popular game, and that a lot of people are still playing the game. There’s a lot happening, and every player that goes through the adventure has a story to tell. There are people that are concerned that the history of Dark Souls might be wiped away when the servers get shut down at some point, and with the upcoming release of the remastered version, that might happen sooner than we think.

It is because of this reason, that a data miner called DriftItem started mapping and collecting all the data currently available on the PC version of the game. This includes all the multiplayer interactions, the Soapstone messages left behind and the bloodstains of where people died. Not surprisingly, these data points do tend to concentrate around certain areas such as boss rooms, or where specific traps might be, and people tried to help and warn each other. Also the least surprising revelation is that the message “Praise the Sun!” has been used the most.

I have to admit. This is damn impressive, and looking at some of the data points and maps really does take me down memory lane. Go check it out on DriftItem’s Twitter account.

Source: Kotaku Australia

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