MSI Memory Try It! boosts PUBG performance so you get more chicken

Everywhere you look, people are talking about battle royale PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Streams, gifs of great tricks or multi-kills, people posting screenshots of their chicken dinners, it sometimes feels like everyone is playing this game. But it is also pretty hard on PC resources, something many a player discovered when they thought they could run the game on ultra with no issues.

If you are looking to get a bit more out of your hardware without upgrading, you might want to look at some of the easy to use options that MSI has created to take the pain and worry out of cranking that little bit extra out of your components. If you are looking to upgrade, getting an MSI motherboard will let you get more out of your components. With a board like the MSI Z370 Gaming Plus, which is designed with overclockers in mind you will find fewer reasons to blame your PC for not getting a chicken dinner.

Improving memory speed and latency (MSI motherboard)

Memory Try It! Is a BIOS level optimisation that lets you adjust the memory speed and latency quickly and easily. All you have to do is enable it in the BIOS and choose a memory speed. [It is worth noting that not all components are covered by warranty when overclocked and while small overclocks are relatively safe you always run a risk of damaging something or losing information. Overclock at your own risk and try to make small incremental changes to see what improvements can be made.]

A quick test with Memory Try It! Resulted in a frame rate increase of 10 frames per second. I played the same map and went to the same drop site, with the same weather conditions to check for any differences. This was with a small adjustment to my RAM (I am still using DDR3), but 10 frames per second is nothing to sniff at, and I can probably eke out more by applying an overclock. 10 frames per second more without spending a cent? Yeah, I can live with that.

When you are using something more recent, like MSI’s Z370 Gaming Plus motherboard, then you can start really feeling the difference when fiddling with memory. With DDR4 the jumps get a lot more dramatic, especially when altering the latency. Jumping from CAS16 to CAS15 or even CAS14 will make a big difference, and some memory kits are capable of performing at 3,600MHz or even higher. Having a lower latency can also net you around 10fps extra. The Z370 Gaming Plus has fully isolated, shielded and optimised DDR4 PCB to make sure your DDR4 can handle whatever you throw at it when you overclock it.

To find Memory Try It! You need to enter your BIOS. You do this by pressing the Del key while your PC is booting. In the OC section you will find Memory Try It! Listed in the DRAM settings section. (If it isn’t showing you might have to activate the “Advanced” BIOS option.) Don’t forget to save when you are done making changes.

Improving game performance (MSI graphics card)

Once you have your memory running smoothly, you might want to look for other places to gain some frames. If you have an MSI graphics card you can make use of AfterBurner ( Afterburner is considered to be so good at what it does that many people use it for non-MSI GPUs too, though several settings could be limited or offer limited control. Afterburner shows you exactly what your GPU is up to, from fan speeds to temperature, utilization and more. Many tech reviewers swear by Afterburner, using it to fine tune clock frequency and voltage to see which GPU fares best, while monitoring it to see if there are any instabilities, or if the GPU gets too hot when cranked really hard.

If that isn’t your bag and you find all the graphs and stats too much, Afterburner also has a video capture feature, for those who want to share their chicken dinners with the world. Afterburner offers multiple format and quality options, letting you grab videos for your format of choice. Uploading a killstreak to YouTube? Then you want 30 or 60 fps video, whereas if you are just making a gif, you don’t need that high a frame-rate. Afterburner’s frame size option will also let you find a recording quality for your videos without taking too much of a performance hit in your game. (You need another program to edit the video but at least you have it saved nicely on your hard drive now.)

So there are two easy ways to get more performance out of your MSI hardware so that you will spend more time eating tasty chicken dinners, instead of cursing that performance jutter when the firefight started that caused you to die. Then when you are done getting the most out of your machine, you can share your skillshots, crazy tricks or even just that weird bug that sent your jeep flying high above the map.

Disclaimer: This article was sponsored. The content was created in-house and we chose the topic and tone for the article.

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