Seems there’s no need to pray for more Prey to play

Arkane Studios have been dropping not-so-subtle hints that the studio isn’t quite done yet with the space survival action game Prey. Yesterday they tweeted a reminder that the events took place on 15 March as the in game alarm clock kept telling Morgan Yu. In celebration the studio got together to take a redacted team photo and then released the uncut version later that day.

The image may contain some clues of the project or prospective announcements for anything Prey related. After taking a closer look we can identify some clues that were hidden within the mysterious tweet. Click the thumbnail below to check out the larger and cleaned version of the image.

The whiteboard in the back is what may contain the juiciest bits such as the notable 0451 passcode of the sub-genre, multiple references to the moon which could be the next location for the Prey expansion seeing as the ending to the game had various endings with one of them pointed at Earth and what would happen to it if you made a particular choice.The name Kosma Corp is that of TranStar’s rivals in the Prey universe and could be heavily involved in the story.

What most of you would be squinting and chin rubbing at is the date that appears on the whiteboard. 10 June 2018. This is E3 2018 time and could mean an announcement will be made on the day. Perhaps the release date for the expansion or the announcement thereof? Who knows. At this point all we know is that there’s something to look forward to during the Bethesda conference that day.

Another questionable scribble on the whiteboard is the word ‘Moonshark!!?’. Perhaps a code name for the expansion, maybe introducing a new creature out to terrorize you? Colour me intrigued. And “What about Peter?”. Who is Peter and how does he fit into the equation? You’ll also notice a drawing of a dome covered inhabitable structure which points at the moon being the setting yet again.

So, until 10 June 2018 make sure to double check that your favorite mug hasn’t miraculously duplicated itself and sitting on your desk waiting for the opportune moment to hug your face till you suffocate. Hell, Arkane’s twitter account could just be run be mimics. Happy belated Prey Day.

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