Video: Local game Jengo gets its first trailer and heads to Fig

You may not know this but a bunch of really cool local developers have been working hard on a brand new point and click adventure called Jengo. One of the lead designer – Graeme, even looks exactly like Manny Sanchez’s brother Pedro. In fact Manny Sanchez was the very inspiration for the game apparently even though Graeme will never admit to it. I have had a little bit of hands on with Jengo and it is shaping up to be one amazing adventure that is beautifully hand drawn. All voices are voiced by local South Africans and the music was also locally produced, we all know local is lekker after all.

Take a look at their first trailer for the game down below and let us know what you think of it? Also check out a very old but classic Manny Sanchez video where you can see Graeme flex his acting muscle – I must say the guy is multi talented, enjoy.

If you like the look of the game, consider taking a squiz at the game’s Fig page.

Source: Robot Wizard

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