Looks like classic shoot ’em up, Ikaruga, is blasting its way to PS4

With the rise of indie developers we’ve seen some fantastic shoot ’em up titles popping up all over the show. There is however no shoot ’em up that quite matches the classic that is Ikaruga that originally launched on the SEGA Dreamcast and later got ported to the GameCube and Xbox 360. It now looks like this Treasure classic will be heading to the PS4 next.

Head to the German ratings board and you’ll find that Ikaruga is proudly displayed in their list of titles for the PS4. What made Ikaruga such a classic at the time was its take on polarity switching. Players could change the colour of their ship between black and white. Have a white bullet hit your white ship and it would cause no damage. Since then we’ve seen several games taking advantage of the polarity switching system, but Ikaruga will forever be the game that started it off and did it with style.

Never heard of Ikaruga? How about the fact that it comes from the same developers who brought you the classic Gunstar Heroes on the SEGA Mega Drive? Yes, it’s a top game. Ikaruga bullet hell in possible HDR and 4K? Sign us up!

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