Cheaters have started their filthy tricks in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has a fairly flat progression, meaning everyone is on similar footing when it comes to the PvP. Not anymore though, as some players on PC are doing exactly what everyone thought would happen, and being filthy cheats.

Cheat tools are cropping up that allow auto-aim at other pirate’s heads and allow you to see objects through walls. It isn’t as widespread as some other major PC titles, but it does bring Microsoft’s UWP platform under scrutiny.

Microsoft exclusives run on Microsoft’s closed UWP platform, which in theory means everything is closed off with better protected executable files to prevent third-party modifications. This isn’t the first case of this happening, but with so many people playing Sea of Thieves, it is going to be noticed.

The cross-platform system means that now players on Xbox One might run into the PC cheaters and hackers, something that has been limited due to consoles being such closed systems in comparison. Also, Sea of Thieves doesn’t let you choose to avoid matching up with PC players thanks to its open sandbox nature and how the servers balance numbers.

Source: PC GamesN

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