The Burning Question: What in your opinion is the best game soundtrack ever?

Make peace right now that it’s very likely I will not list a soundtrack you love, or that there are going to be people in the comments that don’t quite love a soundtrack as much as you do. It’s something that’s completely based on your personal taste, but a soundtrack can just about make or break a fantastic gaming experience.

Music in games is important and has always played a huge part of the experience to me. It’s that song that’ll sweep through my body with its nostalgia hooks that has me reminiscing about that great time I had with any particular game. As soon as you hear that one song it takes you back to any particular game or moment in a game right away. In my case, a soundtrack will often also take me back to events that took place in my every-day life, something I feel I relate to in gaming more than any other form of entertainment. Music is a powerful thing.

Music can also be split up into the more retro chiptunes as well as the modern orchestrated compositions. There is a time and place for each style of music. If you had to ask me what my favourite soundtrack is of all time I’ll have one simple answer: Final Fantasy.

It’s just about impossible to choose a single game in the series as each game comes with a fantastic set of songs attached to the adventure. Final Fantasy X, VIII and VII are likely my favourite among the various games, though I also have a huge soft spot for the latest entry, XV. The Final Fantasy soundtrack has made the various games an endearing experience to me.

My most beloved song for any game will forever be Zanarkand in FFX. For me it’s pure perfection and I can’t see anything easily topping it in my world. It’s part of my general music playlist and whenever it comes up (I random EVERYTHING) it’s something I’ll stick on repeat. It’s just stunning. The gaming world would be a lesser place without it:

Of course it’s not just all about Final Fantasy. There are plenty games out there that will have goosebumps explode all over my body when hearing something exceptional. Below are a bunch of songs I live for.

What do you consider the best soundtrack in a game of all time?

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