New Switch video shows Nintendo hasn’t forgotten its family-friendly roots…

The advertising accompanying the launch of the Switch clearly showed Nintendo’s decision to move away from the confusing and seemingly ‘kiddie’ WiiU era. They clearly aimed to open up their target audience to older generations. The Switch was meant the console all the cool college-aged kids would be playing. Their first trailer clearly shows this – check it out below, and notice that you won’t even find a young child anywhere:

Now many people may have thought that this was a crazy shift in focus, with XBOX and PlayStation usually having that older demographic locked down, some worried Nintendo may be alienating the casual-gamer. By being the console for the family, the Wii had made Nintendo relevant again, and by now moving away from this, and especially after the disaster that was the WiiU, Nintendo could disappear before our very eyes.

However, Nintendo once again showed their knack for creative innovation and their direction worked. Switch sales have soared and the rest, as they say, is history. Nintendo has become cool again, and even serious (older) gamers have picked up the new console and are enjoying the ride.

However, with Labo, Nintendo clearly has not forgotten about younger players and if the new video, released by Nintendo UK, is anything to go by, Nintendo wants the cake and plans to eat it too. Yes, the demographic of casual gamers is still high up on Nintendo’s list. They still want to be the console that parents get for their kids and in case anyone was still wondering – families are clearly still in their crosshairs. Check out the new video below:

The video highlights Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which we already know are huge crowd pleasers, but with a new look at Mario Tennis Aces and a particular focus on the Joy-Con ‘wild-waving-at-the-tv-in-the-lounge’ it is clear Nintendo hasn’t forgotten their Wii-era ‘fun for the whole friendly roots’ and wants to grab every piece of console real estate they can get their hands on – the young, the old, everyone. Nintendo is going full Pokémon and trying to catch them all.

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