The Surge is getting some free DLC nearly a year after release

The Surge flew under a lot of people’s radar last year. Which is a bit of a shame, since it really is a solid action-RPG. It still did pretty well in terms of sales, or a sequel would not have been on its way in 2019. It also appears that developer, Desk13 has been supporting the game pretty well, and over the weekend, they even announced that they will be releasing some Armour and Weapon DLC packs, for free:

Deck13 has not gone into too much detail regarding the weapons and armour yet, but seeing as the DLC pack is set to become available in only a couple of weeks, we might see a bit more information in the next few weeks. The Surge managed to build up a small, but dedicated community of players who really fell in love with it, and it is good to see a developer supporting its community in return with some added content, which easily could have been monetised.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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