Dark Souls Remastered seems to address the biggest issue with the original

Dark Souls is an amazing game, but it did come with a couple of issues and limitations when it was released in 2011. One of the biggest problems the game faced was inconsistent framerates, with it sometimes jokingly pointed out as the reason why the game is so difficult.

One of the toughest areas, Blighttown, is notorious for this problem which didn’t help matters considering the dark corners, tough enemies, status ailments, traps and falls that are all over the place. This seems to have been addressed though, with a video uploaded of gameplay in Blighttown from PAX East over the past weekend. An unknown player used the Master Key and ran straight to the dreaded town to see what it is like, and from what we can see in the video, it seems to be as solid as a rock in terms of framerate. The video is off screen, so graphically we can’t really see what Dark Souls Remastered looks like, but at least the performance seems to hold up.

What should be pointed out as well is that this is on the Nintendo Switch, which is the least powerful of the consoles that will be getting the remaster. This makes me very excited to dive into Dark Souls again come 25 May.

Source: Polygon

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