SEGA wants to return to the hardware game with an official Mega Drive mini

Are you a kid from the early to mid-90s? Then you have fond memories of playing the countless brilliant SEGA Mega Drive games that made SEGA’s 16-Bit console so popular around the world and here in South Africa. Since then SEGA left the hardware business to concentrate on software. With that came an end to one of the most beloved hardware publishers, but if the COO has a say that is about to change.

Sam Kennedy, founder of 1UP and former editor at IGN, Gamespot, EGM and more tweeted the below bit of information by quoting a Japanese Yahoo news piece:

The news piece, when translated on Google, states the following:

On September 7, Sega Geek said it is considering re-entry into the home game machine market. President Kenji Matsubara said he is planning to sell a reprint version of “MegaDrive” which was fighting against Nintendo’s domestic game machines about 30 years ago against the interview of Sankei Shimbun. Sega withdrew from the game machine market in 2001, but the demand for revival from Sega fans is increasing, and in response to the popularity of Nintendo’s recently released reprint game machine, the relevance of re-entry

Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you, there has been a local SEGA Mega Drive mini that came loaded with several games and a cartridge slot to play original Mega Drive games. However, it’s not an official SEGA product and merely endorsed. It came with a few setbacks, such as bad quality audio and the controllers not resembling the official gamepads of that era. This could change all that.

It’s arguably the success of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo Mini that is driving this mindset and we expect it to be very popular if the quality of the hardware and included games are on par with Nintendo’s efforts.

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