GameStop CEO hints at some big unannounced games for Switch this year

The Switch has been a powerhouse of a console since its release, but outside of the hordes of indie games releasing on it at the moment, things have been relatively quiet. Some would even say a little too quiet. Nintendo’s big AAA explosion during the console’s launch year has cemented it as a relevant way to play and something that needs to be paid attention to. But what will Nintendo’s next big move be? Well, the possibilities are endless, and according to an earnings call from GameSpot CEO Mike K. Mauler, Nintendo is going to have an exciting 2018.

Here’s what Mauler said:

We know what happened with the Wii U. I’d say this is definitely a whole different platform that we saw in the past. We have visibility to the software… So, last year was a tremendous year for their software as well as hardware, between Zelda and Mario Odyssey and all the games that they had, it really drove a lot of hardware sales as well as software. I think, this year, when we look at the slate of titles — many of which haven’t been announced yet — this year looks also very, very strong. So, I think, at least for 2018, we’ll continue to see the strong software slate drive additional install based on the hardware and increase attach rate. We don’t have, really, visibility for ’19 yet, but for ’18, it should play out that way.

Interesting. This can be an innocuous comment that just highlights that there are still many Nintendo staples that need their own Switch treatment or it can be some insider info from someone who should be privy to this kind of information. Zelda and Mario have already made their explosive debuts, but there’s still a lot of franchises that still need some handheld Switch love. Super Smash Bros. is a huge one, Metroid 4 is incoming, there’s a main console Pokémon game on the horizon and many of Nintendo’s less famous properties are still floating around waiting for their time to shine. Who’s also to say that there won’t be something new?

All I’ll say is that you’ll need to pay very close attention to Nintendo at E3 this year because they might release a powder keg of amazing games coming at the end of 2018 that will make all our hearts and wallets cry. Keep on trucking Nintendo, you’re killing it.

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