Bungie outlines Destiny 2 development roadmap

Destiny 2 turned out to not have a lot of legs after its release, and a lot of players stopped caring and playing the game over the last couple of months. But that doesn’t mean that Bungie has given up on Destiny 2 yet, and now they outlined their plans for the next few months and into Season 4.

Starting on 8 May, the 2nd of the Season Pass DLC called Warmind will be released, which brings with it new locations, new enemies and of course, new loot. We should learn more about the DLC in the official reveal on 24 April. This also marks the beginning of Season 3 for Destiny 2. And with this, we will see changes in how Crucible content will be delivered. The most notable thing to keep in mind is that all the new Crucible maps for the Warmind DLC will be made available for everyone, which means more players will be matching against each other, and it looks like the same goes for everything else, including Trials of the Nine and Iron Banner. Something that has been floating around for a bit as well: changes can be expected to the weapon systems, such as random drops and the weapon slots themselves. This is however still a bit off, but we can expect more information on what Bungie is planning going forward.

It’s good to see Bungie is addressing the concerns and issues that a lot of people have been having with Destiny 2, and hopefully, the continuous work they’ve been putting into it will turn it into the game that is was supposed to be from the start.

Source: Bungie.net

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