Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s great sword

Greetings hunters and a happy Spring Blossom to you all. Earlier this week Capcom not only released a new event but also a new weapon to the game. The weapon is known as the Wyvern Ignition and is a community created weapon introduced into the game. Players who are HR8 or higher will need to complete the Event Quest: Every Hunter’s Dream which is a 5-star arena quest. It’s important to remember that this quest will only be available from the 6th of April to the 19th of April.

The great sword has been a part of the series since the beginning of the franchise. The size of these swords always reminded me of weapons you’d usually see in anime and RPGs such as Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII. The great sword possesses incredible attacking abilities especially with their charge attacks and can also be used to block monster attacks. It truly is an amazing weapon, however with great power comes great immobility and this is where the weapon becomes a little tricky for hunters. First off blocking with the sword comes with a cost, and that cost is the loss of sharpness. Not to mention that it is, in fact, the weakest blocking weapon. Which admittedly isn’t a huge sacrifice. The greatest sacrifice is mobility. With the size and obviously weight of this weapon the hunter’s ability to swing is slow and although powerful it takes a good amount of practice and testing before you’ll be able to wield this weapon with not only accuracy but also the ability to survive whilst wielding it, more so with faster monsters such as the infamous Nergigante. Another function that hunters will need to master with this weapon is its charge attack. During the charge up the hunter will be left wide open for attack but if successful and you are able to charge up completely the attack will deal more damage than any other weapon in the game for that specific amount of time utilised. Let’s have a look at the weapons controls.

Triangle = Overhead Slash
Triangle x 2 = Overhead Slash and then Side Blow
Hold Triangle = Charge attack (there will be three glows after one another, releasing the charge at each glow will allow for different amounts of damage to be dealt)
Charge Slash 1 = 48
Charge Slash 2 = 70
Charge Slash 3 = 90
Keep in mind if you do not release immediately on the third glow then your attack will be reduced back to 70.

Now the first charging stage is just the beginning of additional and more powerful charges with the Great Sword. The other two charge attacks which unleash the true potential of the Great Sword are known as Strong Charge and True Charge. Each one of these should be performed in the order of Charge > Strong Charge > True Charge and will be activated in the same way as a normal charge only it’ll be activated after each preceding one is performed.

Triangle + Circle = Rising Slash
Circle = Wide Slash
Circle x 2 = Wide Slash > Tackle
Circle x 3 = Wide Slash > Tackle > Jumping Wide Slash
R2 = Block
R2 + L2 + R3 = Block whilst allowing you to rotate on the spot
R2 + Triangle = Block > Kick
R2 + Triangle + Triangle = Block > Kick > Tackle

Important Notes:
– After performing charged attacks your sword will land on the ground which will reduce mobility even further. In this instance its good to hit the ‘X’ (roll) immediately to roll out of danger.
– Tackle attack allows hunters to fortify themselves even through monsters most powerful attacks such as the Diablo’s charge or Nergigantes drop attack. It not only stops the monsters dead in their tracks but also allows you to set up immediately after with a combo attack.

That’s it for the great sword. It truly is a heavy hitter and looks quite destructive when a blow is successful but be certain that when you do you should always be prepared with foresight and know your next move before you perform it. I highly recommend watching veteran hunter Arekkz below as he has additional methods of activating not only tackle attacks but the three charge attacks that’ll be the core of bringing out this weapon’s full potential.

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