A Way Out got one million sales in its first two weeks

It’s always a little heartwarming when you see a small studio achieve massive success and adoration. While not saying that AAA developers don’t have souls, indie developers do what they do based on their vision and pure passion for their game. Hazelight Studios, the developers behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and the recent A Way Out, has seen a lot of success in some unorthodox ways. Brothers found success after a deal with Microsoft and A Way Out was an EA Originals title. This is in no ways a bad thing since both entities only really exist for support rather than creative control, but it’s interesting to see that they’ve chosen these routes. And just how much it worked.

A Way Out has sold one million copies and the game has only been out for a couple of weeks. Here’s the tweet confirming it:

That is some monumentally good numbers for an indie title, even if it’s backed by the EA Originals program. Some AAA games often struggle to reach that milestone. Also, it’s interesting to note that each copy of the game had to be played by two people considering there’s no other way to experience it. I don’t know if that’s a detriment considering some lost sales or a really good thing. Regardless, well done to Hazelight Studios on the game’s success and it’s amazing to see games that push the envelope in terms of design get such recognition.

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