SEGA Ages is heading to the Switch with Saturn and Dreamcast games to possibly follow

SEGA had a fine old time releasing all their classic Mega Drive and Master System games on mobile phones, but not everyone enjoyed that move. Some of us would like to press a few buttons and wiggle an analogue stick or two when playing a game. Touch screen is just not precise enough. SEGA has taken note of this and confirmed that their SEGA Ages titles will be heading to the Nintendo Switch in Japan (with like the rest of the world to follow).

In total they plan to bring 15 games to the Switch, but we only have details of the first five games:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)
  • Phantasy Star (Master System)
  • Thunder Force 4 (Mega Drive)
  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World (PlayStation 3 version)
  • Gain Ground (Arcade version)

Since then a Resetera member picked up on an interview detailing that if the SEGA ages service became successful on the Switch that SEGA would consider bringing Saturn and Dreamcast games too. Here is what was detailed in the interview:

  • They decided after doing the last 3D Classics wave, it would be a waste to just leave it there.
  • Alex Kidd was chosen because of how popular he was on the Virtual Console in Europe…it’s likely they will continue to use data like that for deciding future releases.
  • Gain Ground won’t be the only arcade release. There will be more.
  • 15 Titles is the start depending how well it goes they will do more.
  • There will be Saturn and Dreamcast titles in the future as well, if it goes well beyond the first 15 games.
  • Rieko Kodama is a producer on the new Sega Ages project…

This is all good news, but for those hoping to see the revival of the Virtual Console it’s perhaps not that great as it means we’re likely not going to see one retro hub filled with classics as we did on the Wii and Wii U.

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