Microsoft acquires ex-Crystal Dynamics head, Darrell Gallagher

Make no mistake, the Xbox team at Microsoft would love to have fantastic single player adventure titles that the PS4 platform enjoys. Phil Spencer recently replied to Ryan McCaffrey (Executive Editor of Previews at IGN) after mentioning that, “Xbox fans are DYING to celebrate a masterpiece-level exclusive like God of War”. There’s no denying the fact that Microsoft also needs a big epic adventure that has been missing from it’s stable for many years and Phil Spencer also made it very clear that they want their own Tomb Raider game in the past. What better way to get just that by employing the man who made the Tomb Raider reboot so successful?

Darrell Gallagher has joined the Microsoft team with quite the track record. He started off as Head of Creative at Sony, then on to Rockstar as the Lead Artist, Studio Art Director at THQ, moved on to Director of Art role at Crystal Dynamics that ultimately had him becoming the Head of Studio in 2009. He remained in that position up until 2016 when he left to work at Activision as Senior Vice President and Head of Development. After just over 2 years he is now moving on to Microsoft where he’ll fill the role as Microsoft Studios Executive Leadership Team. This was confirmed via Twitter:

Microsoft have been very quiet when it comes to any new game announcements. You can only stay quiet about big news for that long before it breaks and something tells us they have plans to rock E3. In two months time we’ll find out exactly what they have been cooking up.

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