New trailer highlighting options, scenes and different battles for Record of Grancrest War

Earlier in March Bandai Namco revealed their plans to create a JRPG game exclusive to Playstation 4 based on the popular anime series Record of Grancrest War. In the initial release we got a look at the basics, this time Bandai Namco have shared another trailer highlighting options, scenes, and battles within the Record of Grancrest War gameplay.

In the trailer we get to see how you will be able to create a unit consisting of five members led by a single character with a variety of parties you can make to add different dynamics to your strategy. In the footage you’ll notice several menu options and event scenes with sub-stories.

Further on in the video you’re taken through a typical battle demonstrating how your character-led units would engage with enemies in battles, ranging from fights against monsters in the forest areas, to full armies on a sprawling battlefield.

Record of Grancrest War releases on PlayStation 4 in Japan on 14 June 2018 with a mobile version for Android and iOS in the works.

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