Rumour: Free World Cup mode coming to FIFA 18

Fifa 2018 is a bit of a mixed bag. On the Xbox we gave it a good 7.5 rating, however, on the Switch the number dropped to a mediocre 5. The great disparity between scores can largely be attributed to what was missing from one platform to the other. Not only was the inability to play online with friends particularly baffling, the Switch game was just missing too many cool modes and features that made the Xbox and PS4 versions really fun to play. Chief among these was probably the revamped Journey storyline-mode. The Switch version always felt more like a Fifa Lite, or possibly the Fifa Trendline. However, rumours out today may put some of those unfulfilled feelings to rest.

According to The Sun UK (as spotted on Nintendo News) a leaked image of ‘FIFA 18 code shows up something called “Free FIFA World Cup Pack” – along with the usual FUT packs’. This could mean that this year, the EA franchise is feeling particularly generous, and instead of releasing a standalone Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 game, we could be getting a free DLC pack containing the new mode. The article points out that this DLC would be available across all platforms. We’re just happy the Switch version isn’t excluded from this update as it needs more modes.

Oh and in case you were wondering…despite the meager Switch offering it does seem sales of the game on Switch are doing quite well. In fact, according to Nintendo Soup:

Fifa 18 Switch has officially outsold the PS4 version in Japan

So, yeah, go figure! I guess in a world where Oscar, with €24 million playing for Shanghai SIPG earns more the Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid anything is possible. Wait, no, scratch that. In a world where anyone earns anything like those ridiculous figures for playing a game means that everything has gone a little crazy and so anything really is possible.

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