Sonic Mania gets nice update with level transitions and a new boss

Sonic Mania was a triumph for the Sonic franchise. It showed us that a new Sonic game didn’t have to have weird human relationships or insufferable companion characters, it just needed to have the frantic energy of the classic Sonic games. Fans were ecstatic about the game’s existence since it was a true return to form for the often troubled franchise. However, everything wasn’t completely hunky-dory as some fans criticised the game for some integral ommissions, particularly level transitions. Levels would often just end and the next one will start immediately, omitting the tale of how our characters got there in the first place.

With the new update added to Sonic Mania recently on the PS4, every level now has level transitions, small screens at the end of the level, as well as a brand new boss fight. There are also some small changes that weren’t completely necessary but quite welcome. New animations, Time Limit can be disabled. menus got some changes, cutscenes can be skipped and multiplayer looks a little prettier. It’s all quite welcome additions to the already stellar experience.

Sonic Mania Plus is coming out at some point in the year and this update is said to just be a precursor to that game in order to make things as tidy as possible. See it as some welcome housekeeping and for fans of the game, this is some great quality of life improvements.

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