It’s the age of Battle Royale and a worthy PUBG or Fortnite contender may have arrived

Over the last couple of weeks there’s been news about franchises adopting the battle royale game mode as its ever popular growth has spurred them on to incorporate it into their games. Call of Duty and Battlefield have just about confirmed that there will be battle royale components in their games, and now the like of Fortnite and PUBG will have some competition to contend with.

Radical Heights, by Boss Key, is very much 80′ inspired third person shooter with a very Fortnite feel in terms of colourful surroundings and less realistic feel. It incorporates an in-game purchase system which allows you to buy armor and weapons. This sets it apart from its older competitors and you pay your way to better armour and weapons. The game is still in early access and pretty rough around the edges, but could potentially keep Fortnite on its toes.

Next up on the list is Ring of Elysium by Tencent, many would say it’s an Asian PUBG with some of the same mechanics and weapons you’d find in the world. The weapon spawns are RNG, like PUBG, but here you can find a Groza laying somewhere on the floor instead of waiting for it in a loot crate. The start of the game is identical where you hang glide from a plane instead of parachuting, making your way through a deserted city to find loot and take out the enemy. The game surprisingly uses a lot less resources than their counterparts and can run on any 5-year old PC in its current state. It’s not as realistic as PUBG and not as colourful and over-the-top as Fortnite, but gameplay is smooth. You’ll have to contend with connecting with servers in Asia as the game has not officially been made available around the world, so there’s that. The game also features dynamic weather which puts it ahead of PUBG as they’ve only included this feature in the latest test servers, but Ring of Elysium comes standard with it.

Last on the list is a title with a more sci-fi spin on the battle royale experience, Islands of Nyne, by Define Human Studios. The action takes place in first-person perspective in The Dome, a dotted area created by aliens who have taken pieces of the human Earth era and scattered them across the arena. This makes the world a bit more dynamic than its competitors as your surroundings makes for tactical challenges in order to topple the competition. You skydive straight into the safety zone which is much smaller than the PUBG and Fortnite maps out there, ensuring you drop in immediately into a close quarter fire fight. The weapons are similar to other battle royale shooters with military standard pistols, auto rifles, sub machine guns and the likes, but you also have a regenerating knife. What sets this game apart from others though is the various armour options. This comes in five pieces, with the main four being head, arms, torso and legs and an additional over shield that covers your whole body. With the frantic pace of the game, these additional pieces of armour are very welcome as a barrage of bullets might come flying your way. And, those bullets have very visible bullet trails, so you’ll be able to see where you’ve been shot from.

Out of the above mentioned titles, Islands of Nyne have some mechanics that might trump the likes of PUBG with a highly competitive scenario and fat paced action – the likes we used to see in Unreal Tournament. The map is much smaller, but this adds to the intense action.

With nearly the whole gaming industry adopting battle royale mechanics and existing games like H1Z1 looking to break into the console market, PUBG and the likes certainly has a heap of competition on the horizon.

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