Life is Strange developers in talks with major publisher for two new titles

When you think of DONTNOD Entertainment the two games that come to mind first are Remember Me and Life is Strange. Though Remember Me never quite reached the heights Capcom had hoped for, Life is Strange ended up being quite the commercial success for Ubisoft. They find themselves in a unique situation, similar to that of Hitman developers, IO Interactive, where they’re not owned by a publisher and are instead independently financed by a publisher once agreeing on a project. It’s a tricky situation as the lack of a permanent publisher can be a risky business (just look at IO Interactive).

They’re now looking to go public with their company by entering the stock market. The reason for this is quite simple – by doing so they allow themselves the opportunity to co-publish a game with a bigger publisher, to help them reap the rewards from their hard efforts. Other than some royalties the publishers always take the profits and this helps them grown their company that has reached 165 staff members. According to this report, thanks to the folks at Resetera for the English version, they are now in talks with a big publisher to co-publish two announced games.

Vampyr is currently the next game they’re working on, which Bandai Namco will be publishing. We guess we might hear more about this at E3 in June.

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