New God of War patch fixes its tiny text

Accessibility in games is something that is not often talked about since the grand majority of players are able-bodied and can experience games just fine. However, for the sizable minority out there with special needs, accessibility options are a godsend. Adjustable controls, zoom functionality, subtitles, colour blind modes and more all factor into making a game experience as enjoyable as possible no matter what needs a gamer may have. There’s also something small that people don’t think about often that can be a big hindrance for some; text size.

It’s not only a problem with people suffering from bad eyesight, having minuscule text on a big screen is no fun for anybody. God of War unfortunately released with a fixed text size that was way too small for many users and has become a point of complaint towards the critically acclaimed game. However, with the newest update, 1.12, players can now set the text size at their leisure that suits their preference.

If you have issues with the text size, simply go into the game’s options menu, select accessibility and you will find a slider for text size. It’s a very small gesture, and honestly, something that should have been implemented in the first place, but to have it so quickly after launch is very welcome. Now you don’t have to squint when you’re off burying your axe into faces. It’s just inconvenient, really.

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