Fortnite is heading to China via Tencent

Fortnite news is all over the show all around the internet, even on non-gaming websites simply because of what a global phenomenon it is. It’s become such a global phenomenon that it’s going to one of the most untapped markets in the world; China. The country is notorious for being one of the most impenetrable places for products in the world due to censorship laws and just outright banning game consoles. However, it’s still one of the largest game industries in the world, we just don’t often realise it. With recent governmental changes and some toning down of the strict rules, China is becoming a more prominent face in the gaming landscape.

Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate that owns 40% of Epic Games, announced during a press conference that Fortnite is officially coming to China. Players who have spent money and have progression in the game can transfer all of it onto the local release free of charge and the company is investing $15 million into the game, half of which will be used to foster some kind of esports scene.

So what makes this move so important? Well, China is one of the largest populations of gamers and due to the recent popularity of Fortnite, the game will most likely soar. It’s a sign that Western games are progressing in getting a further foothold in the country following some big name multiplayer titles like Overwatch and Hearthstone entering and thriving in the territory. China is slowly but surely becoming one of the biggest gaming destinations in the world regardless of its troubled past and that’s exciting for everyone.

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