Stellaris’ next expansion will take us to some Distant Stars

The story of Stellaris is about to get bigger with an interactive story involving giant space creatures, a sector of unexplored space and spatial anomalies. The new expansion, Distant Stars will be adding more story events to your playthrough.

One event chain called Behind Closed Doors will see you fighting over a sealed pathway that leads to a new sector of space outside of all known charts, while small events called Sensors are Picking up… That Can’t be Right will introduce many spatial anomalies to examine and research and maybe attack. New worlds are out there with new life and civilisations waiting to be met or conquered.

Space will also seem a little less empty with There’s Always a Bigger Fish events that will have space-faring creatures roaming the galaxy. These critters might be useful to research, or they might see your fleet of ships as their next meal.

Currently, Distant Stars doesn’t have a release date, but the website says it will cost $10. Get ready for an expansion all about discoveries as we venture into unknown space that has been locked up. But was it locked to keep us out, or something else in?

Source: Paradox Interactive

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