Tacoma is releasing on PS4 in May

Indie developer Fullbright has been on my radar since the incredible Gone Home released which ushered in a whole new style of game presentation. Some people weren’t too psyched to play something where you just walk around and move books and pieces of decor while listening to a story, but it was an interesting way to frame a provocative narrative that wouldn’t really have worked in a different way. Besides, a game such as Gone Home was a nice respite from the chaotic shooting and frantic games we have come to play on a regular basis and its tranquil existence certainly wasn’t a slight on anything. The developer’s other game, Tacoma, which isn’t a truck made in America, is a continuation of that, but in space.

The game originally just released on PC and Xbox One, which was quite baffling, but exclusivity rights were most likely signed somewhere. After all, Gone Home only came to the PS4 much later than its Xbox One and PC counterpart, so Fullbright has a working relationship with Microsoft. However, Tacoma‘s exclusivity rights have run out and the game will be heading to the PS4 on May 8th, as announced on the PlayStation Blog.

The game will be much the same where you explore a once derelict space station and interact with its inhabitants, but there will also be a two-hour long developer commentary mode that takes you through all the motivations and decisions that made the game. It’s great that the game is heading to more platforms outside of Microsoft and since my PS4 is my primary console at this time, I’m really excited to see what Fullbright did with this game at long last.

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