Wolfenstein 2 goes portable on Switch in June

Last year Bethesda was one of the first third-party developers to take a gamble on the Switch. Nintendo has long needed a few decent shooters on its platform and the risk paid off as Doom became quite the hit on the portable console. We have all been waiting to hear when the next game would arrive on the Switch and it’s now officially been confirmed for 29 June.

Panic Button, the same studio who worked on the Doom port, are dealing with this port to the Switch and so far things are looking on track to be another hit on Nintendo’s console. It’ll launch with motion controls for those who prefer that method of playing a shooter. What players should be aware of is that, even if you buy the physical copy of the game, it’ll require an additional content download once the game launches to actually function on the Switch. What exactly the size will be is still unknown at this time, though the digital game shows as 13.7Gb on the eShop. Something tells us that number will change – it’s more likely the patch size.

If you’ve been waiting for some Nazi-shooting on-the-go then it’s not too long off. Get a look at the announcement and action below:

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